AK Gift Solutions

Gift Baskets

HTML clipboardThese gifts baskets are filled with a variety of delights that are sure to please your friends, family and business associates.

All of gifts are:

  • hand-packed when your order it (not overseas or in some manufacturing plant and stored on a shelf)

  • loaded with an assortment of gourmet delicacies, chocolates, coffees, unique sausages, salmon,

  • designed to bring a smile to your recipients face

  • decorated with an appropriate ribbon and securely packed for safe shipping.

Lastly, we add a hand-written note containing the message you have written and rush it out to your recipient.

Basically, we choose, create, pack and ship your gift like you would if you had the time and resources to do it yourself. We do this because we know that your gift is an extension of you and a message of loving and care.

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